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Our packages at Amsterdam Boat Company

With both packages, all participants receive:

  • Technical instructions on the do’s and don’ts on board
  • The most important navigation rules (during a coffee break)
  • MOB (Man Overboard) manoeuvre training
  • ‘on the job’ boating training
  • Amsterdam Canal Captain certificate
  • free lunch*

Maximum number of participants: 6

Under professional supervision, you will learn how to steer our boat on the Amsterdam canals. After proving you are able to handle the boat, you will receive a ‘Captain of the Amsterdam Canals’ certificate. We will decide together which route to take. The boat will depart from a dock in the centre of Amsterdam.

Boat Tour 1 + Boating Lessons + Certificate

A 2-hour cruise through the canals of Amsterdam. You will see many sights and attractions, and the captain will point out the most beautiful spots.

Price for 2 participants: €250. Each additional participant: €37.50

Boat Tour 2 + boating lessons + lunch + certificate

Morning or afternoon 3½-hour cruise through the canals of Amsterdam and on the Amstel river. We will see many sights and attractions along the canals and will go down part of the Amstel river. Besides the captain, a guide will be on board to make sure you don’t miss a thing. After the boat tour, we will have lunch or drinks and snacks at Cafe ‘t Smalle in the heart of the Jordaan district of Amsterdam.

Price for 2 participants: €465. Each additional participant: €45

Boat Tour 3 + boating lessons + Amsterdam by Night

This boat tour is tailor-made. You can decide yourself how many hours the tour is going to be and what you want to see. If you want to experience the lights on the canals, we advise you to leave between 18.00 and 20.00 hours.
If you want to, we can drop you off at one of the many restaurants situated on the waterside at the end of the tour. As born and bred Amsterdammers, we know the spots. If you let us know in advance what you like or prefer, we can give you restaurant suggestions.
You can take snacks with you on board, no problem. But we can also stop along the way for you to buy them. This is the freedom Amsterdam is renowed for.
Amsterdam Boat Company offers you much more than the standard round trips by boat. It is a unique way to experience Amsterdam. With you at the helm of the boat. We will teach you how to navigate it.
Price per two persons: first two hours € 300.-. Each additional participant € 40.-.
Every extra hour for two € 125.-. Every extra hour for each additional participant: € 20.-.

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* Boat Tour 2

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